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How does it work?
This is a Wholesale Order Website

This website is for wholesale order only. All the products listed on this website is for wholesale and not retail. We do not keep any stock of the products unless otherwise stated in product description.

Please browse through our Catalogue and place order of products that interest you. We proceed further after we receive your order inquiry.


Please be aware that almost all of our products are handmade. Therefore it is likely not two pieces of same production run for a product are exactly same, including pictures on our website. That is the beauty of our products, and we hope you embrace this uniqueness and enjoy the handmade product.

In case you are looking for a small and specialised factory you have come to the right place. We invite you to contact us if you are interested and have propositions.

Become a Creative Touch Wholesaler/Importer:

If you are an importer or a wholesaler, and are interested in selling our designs, please browse through our Catalogue and place order for products of your interest. We invite you to talk/contact to us if you are interested and have questions.

Price & Availability


Our wholesale prices are quoted in Euros and are not FOB (Freight On Board). Our prices exclude shipping and handling charges. Most items are displayed with their prices. Please ignore the stock as there is none unless otherwise stated in product description. The minimum order quantity is 20 pieces per design in one colour combination. Sizes are available in S M L XL. Occasionally we may have other items without prices, in this case we will respond to you with your queries.

The prices quoted for products are applicable if the materials used and craftsmanship at the time of placing order is same as estimated when designing and conceptualising the product. In case of material changes or price or unavailability, if any, you shall be notified the first thing on receiving your order.

Invoicing, Export & Shipping

Creative Touch Garment Industry normally invoices in Euros or US Dollars depending upon the client's country. We can't exact the shipping charges for your destination upfront as there is no automated system for that in Nepal. Also, there are additional handling charges including packaging, transfer to nearest port (for example, Tribhuvan International Airport for Air Freight), customs and agents fees.

Therefore, shipping and handling charges are not included in our product price tag. Those will be quoted separately after receiving your order.


Depending upon your requirement we take care of delivery to your doorstep or nearest port.

Payment has to be cleared before shipping, including cargo and export charges. We offer competitive shipping rates. There is 3% handling charges on your total bill for cargo. The final export documents and other details are sent to you via email.

Typically courier service is used to ship small packages to your doorstep - packages not exceeding 20 kg, or order value of US$ 700 and less. In case of duties or taxes the Courier Company will contact you.

Typically air freight cargo is used to ship goods at least 45 kg. Cargo arrives to your nearest port. You are responsible for collection and incurring expenses at your port like import tax, clearing and agent fees.

In case you have your own exporter here in Nepal, the product price is what you pay. The packaging, collection and export responsibility lies with your exporter, who comes and collects the goods from our premises.

Order Process

Lead time is four to six weeks, and depends on order volume. Payment is required before starting the order. The delivery timeline is applicable from the date of receipt of payment.

Once the order is in process, you are more than welcome for quality inspection on site. We also offer customized branding. Packaging depends upon your requirement.

Our fabric is AZO free and does not contain harmful chemicals. Third party testing certificates for AZO and harmful chemicals for dyes and print are available at extra charges. AZO Free Certification will extend the delivery timeline by at least two weeks, as it has to be carried out in India.

We try our best to deliver on time, however sometimes due to reasons and conditions beyond our control there might be some delay in delivery. We keep you informed in such situations.

Quality Check

You or your agent are more than welcome to inspect the goods for quality control at our premises. We have our own QC strategy, the final inspection is your responsibility.

Payment information - bank to bank wire transfer:

Paying us by wire transfer is easy and quick. Your money can be wired to our bank account from any bank. After sending the payment please send us an email with the required payment retrieval information.

1. For payment in Euro €

Creative Touch Garment Industry
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Account No: 0901010000226
Global IME Bank Ltd, Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

Intermediary bank information -
Standard Chartered Bank, Frankfurt, Germany
Account No. 018188406
SCB Frankfurt IBAN Number: DE14512305000018188406

2. For payment in US $:

Creative Touch Garment Industry
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Account No: 0901010000226
Global IME Bank Ltd, Thamel Branch, Kathmandu, Nepal

Intermediary bank information -
Standard Chartered Bank, New York, USA
Account No. 026002561
SCB New York IBAN Number: 3582-021108-001


For those who want to use their PayPal for payment, we are able to receive PayPal payments via Xoom into our bank account. is a PayPal service. Please use our banking information mentioned above for Xoom PayPal payments. After sending the payment please send us the payment retrieval information.

Garment Care:


Since our garments are handmade there might be some variation in production of same articles. This is typical characteristic of handmade process.

Specific wash instructions are always provided in the article. You shall be provided information on this if you require one.

Typically, cold wash our articles separately. In rare occasion there might be slight colour run on first wash. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The design of our garments can’t be claimed or copyrighted by client, though we offer client’s branding on the production.

  • Order is not considered valid until payment has been received.

  • The delivery timeline is applicable from the date of receipt payment.

  • Goods shall not be shipped without clearing all the dues.

  • When the payment is made, no cancellation is possible. After packaging, we will send you by email the balance and shipping cost to pay. Starting from the day for final payment request, all orders not paid within 1 week will be automatically cancelled without any refunds possible.

  • The final quality assurance before shipment is client’s responsibility.

  • External quality assurance/check and third party testing charges are client’s responsibility.

  • This is a wholesale export business, therefore no returns are possible.

Import from Nepal and avail Tariff Reduction Facility

Nepal is considered as the least developed countries, hence, the overseas buyer obtains tariff reduction facility while releasing goods from the Customs in the importing country. Creative Touch Garment Industry encloses a separate standard document called GSP Form A on the commercial consignment with stamped and certified by the Nepalese Customs at the time of export.

GSP Form A is printed in a special format and colour approved by UNCTAD for acceptance by preference giving countries. On the strength of this certified original GSP the buyer/importer of the following countries obtains tariff reduction facility while releasing goods from the Customs in the importing country. Following are the countries honouring GSP Form A for the import of Nepalese handicraft goods:

Australia (Official certification not required), Canada, Japan, New Zealand (Official certification not required), Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, USA (Official certification not required), Republic of Belarus, Republic of Bulgaria, Russian Federation, European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Estonia, Greece, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom

Full details of the conditions covering admission to the GSP in these countries can be obtained from designated authorities in the exporting preference-receiving countries or from the customs authorities of the preference-giving countries listed above.

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